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Secure document shredding and data destruction is ideal for businesses or individuals who require complete destruction of confidential, copyrighted or sensitive documents. Serving Bangor and throughout Maine. Our services are ultra- secure, environmentally-friendly and affordable. We transport your confidential documents and electronic media in secured, locked bins. They are shredded with our high-capacity industrial machines. Rendered illegible, all information is completely destroyed and then sent into the recycling stream. You can count on security and confidentiality; our trusted employees are vetted via background checks and work under a strict confidentiality agreement.


We provide collection bins in sizes to suit your needs. The shredding collection bins reside at your business location. Collection bins are open or lockable; it’s your choice. Locked bins are secured with a key provided to you and one kept by us. Flexible schedules allow you to choose a set schedule or on-call pick up. Full bins are exchanged with empty ones, so the exchange is quick and quiet. We remove your bins for shredding at our own secure warehouse.


Unlike mobile shred trucks that park in proximity to your office and howl as motors run as shredding is underway, our processes are all off-site providing you the quiet you seek. This also eliminates the need for you to delegate employees to participate in or oversee the process outdoors. This keeps employees indoors during inclement weather. They’ll appreciate that! And by taking your shred bins away to process at our facility we reduce noise pollution.



Once shred bins are loaded, we lock the vehicle and return to our facility. We unload, weigh the contents, and secure the bins in a locked area where we proceed with document shredding & destruction. Security: The documents are rendered illegible to HIPAA standards, making them completely unrecoverable. Compressed into 1500 pound bales, shredded materials are sent to an industrial recycling plant where they are all liquified and processed into recycled content. Certificates of destruction are issued with each service.

It’s all secure, confidential, efficient and GREEN. All shredded content is recycled.

shredding for residential customers

Drop offs are welcome, whether large amounts or small. No appointments necessary! We are quick, security minded and efficient. Ideal for tax season, large records purges or occasional “spring cleaning.”

Small quantities are happily processed for as little as $15.00

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media & digital destruction

They say that “no information is ever gone forever.” When destroying paper documents, the “Delete” key on your computer isn’t enough to do the job. That data can still be recovered. Let Records Solutions be the ultimate “Delete” key for your sensitive information. We will destroy the data on your PC, Mac, PDA, tablet, portable hard drive, data storage tapes and yes, even cell phones! We can process any device that’s capable of storing electronic information. Electronic data is “scrambled” with electro magnetics, then the metal device is physically destroyed, then recycled.

visit us today!

It’s all secure, confidential, efficient and GREEN. All shredded content is recycled.

Shredding on site any time! Visit Record Solutions during our hours of 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, to drop off shredding.

No appointment is needed and no quantity too small or large. Drop off “small quantity document shredding”, starting at just $10! Call us to learn more: 207.942.4545

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