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Media & Digital Destruction

Secure Media destruction is essential in todays world. When handling client or sensitive data it truly is the details that matter. How do you deal with end of life electronics? Cell phones, Tablets, PC's or Data storage tapes? Decommissioned or failing Hard Disks / Drives? The professionals at Records Solutions can help you ensure your data is erased forever and completely unrecoverable, and it's much more affordable than you might think! We offer options geared for certified reuse and certified complete destruction.



This is by far the most commonly preferred method of data erasure as it is 100% infallible. The type of device and quantity make no difference, we can sanitize one device or ten thousand. They can be physical hard disks (HDD), solid state hard disks (SSD), flash drives, RAM modules or flash cards. We can offer certified destruction services for all of them. Rest assured that your data is destroyed and all components are disposed of in a green and environmentally friendly fashion. Contact us today to see what we con do for your business!



We also offer certified data erasure using Department of Defense level data wiping software. For any type of data containing device we can offer certified erasure so you can be confident about reselling or reusing the device.


media & digital destruction

They say that “no information is ever gone forever.” The “Delete” key on your computer isn’t enough to do the job. That data can still be recovered. Let Records Solutions be the ultimate “Delete” key for your sensitive information. We will destroy the data on your PC, Mac, PDA, tablet, portable hard drive, data storage tapes and yes, even cell phones! We can process any device that’s capable of storing electronic information. Electronic data is “scrambled” with electro magnetics, then the metal device is physically destroyed, then recycled.

visit us today!

It’s all secure, confidential, efficient and GREEN. All shredded content is recycled.

Shredding on site any time! Visit Record Solutions during our hours of 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, to drop off shredding.

No appointment is needed and no quantity too small or large. Drop off “small quantity document shredding”, starting at just $10! Call us to learn more: 207.942.4545

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