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document remediation & restoration

When Water Damage Happens, We're Here.

Records Solutions specializes in reclaiming paper documents which are water soaked, stained, or contaminated with mold or mildew. Whether your books, photographs, or documents are damaged by floods or sitting unprotected in a moist environment growing mildew and dangerous mold, Records Solutions has the capability of reversing the effects of water damage. Document mold remediation will protect your health and restore contaminated documents.

Not Just Paper

Beyond office files, film-based documents, such as X-rays, and documents that have been damaged by sewer water or gray water may also be recovered and restored.


Quick Reaction for a Better Resolution

When water damage occurs, there is a 24 -48 hour window to begin restoration before more severe damage sets in. Sometimes it’s just some water soaked papers from flooding. If addressed quickly, boxes and papers can be quick-frozen to prevent further mold growth. Next, we freeze-dry documents so they may be separated. This reduces the time and cost of more comprehensive restorative procedures. Our goal, whenever possible, is to prevent the more expensive procedures involved in higher levels of remediation. In this case your documents may be wrinkled or creased, but can be handled safely or scanned into digital format for permanent electronic document management.


We are able to quickly identify the best recovery method for each material. We’ll consult with you to choose methods tailored to your needs including the level of damage and value of the documents.


Based on the nature of contamination – often times organic or bacterial contaminants – our specially trained technicians will treat your documents to render them free from both light and heavy levels of contamination.

In the case of mold, mildew or bacterial contamination, documents are first freeze-dried, then irradiated with gamma radiation to kill anything living on them. Next, the documents are manually cleaned of dead mold spores or killed bacteria. Technician use tools including dry sponges, brushes and dry erasers or HEPA vacuums for surface cleaning as well as debris and microbial removal.


Records Solutions has a team of specially trained technicians. We will recommend the most productive drying method based upon the type and quantity of documents, the condition of the materials, and needs for accessing the documents. Drying techniques may include air drying, freeze drying & vacuum freeze drying, and desiccant drying.

Whether your books or documents are damaged by floods, water main or sewer line breaks, burst pipes or from simply being stored unprotected in a moist environment, Records Solutions has the capability to reverse the effects of water damage.

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