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Are you really deleting your data?

They say with the internet and modern technology that your data can live forever, that it can't truly be erased.

That isn't true. If you properly store and dispose of your data containing device, it can absolutely be erased.

This is where services like secure data destruction come into play. When it comes to data destruction there are really only two options.

The first is to delete the files on your computer or server. This could also involve running an erase program, most OS's have these built in and they are widely available on the internet. However, if you have sensitive, confidential or secure data, this path can lead to a lot of trouble. If you google secure erase programs, you will get thousands of results. After googling that I would recommend googling hard drive restoration. You will find thousands of results there as well.

The fact is that no data that is simple deleted, is irretrievable. There are many companies that specialize in recovering data on deleted or failed hard disks, USB drives, SSDs' and other media containing devices. Many of these companies operate down to a forensic level, they WILL recover your data for you.

So even after you hard drive has stopped spinning, has failed, broken or been erased... the data is still there.

While services offering secure erasing are tempting, after all who wouldn't like to have a spare drive or to be able to use the original for resale? They are not secure. I

If you handle secure, personal, confidential or sensitive information, there is only one real option for data destruction.

Certified Hard disk. Hard drive or Media destruction.

The professionals at Records Solutions can handle the destruction of your data and electronics the safe and proper way. Through secure and certified destruction.

Each item is logged, it's serial numbers recorded, then it is processed through equipment specially designed to render the device completely inoperable. After the process is complete you are sent a Certified Notice of Destruction from Records Solutions and the component that assembled your device are sent off to be responsibly recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

It's a lot to think about, and it seems like there are many choices to consider. But if you deal with this type of secure or sensitive data, the choice is clear. I hope you will consider the professionals at Records Solutions for your Data Destruction needs!


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